About 3Z Software Solutions

3Z Software Solutions (3Z) is a privately held corporation focused on the education marketplace by providing high quality and state-of-the-art software products and services.

At 3Z, we have a passion for helping our learners to be better equipped in today’s knowledge explosion environment. 3Z software products are an exceptional choice for children and individuals who want to make learning fun.  3Z learning provides excellent educational resources and unique tools for parents, schools and other educational institutions. Combined with our quality Internet-based websites and tools, and the best customer service, we can guarantee our clients positive results.

Our values are:

  • Quality - develops and supports the highest quality software products and services.
  • Fun - The software products offer value for children and any individual who want to learn in an effective and fun way.
  • Uniqueness - 3Z provides unique tools and resources for schools and other educational institutions.
  • Customer service - 3Z delivers customized applications and services to its clients, combined with high-quality Internet-based websites and tools.